Print Subscriptions 
Launching in March 2018 I will be offering a print subscription service. 
I will be offering a regularly changing selection of my work, printed, framed and delivered to your home or office. There will be a choice of A2, A3 or A4 prints from a limited selection of my work. I will have them printed as I'd print for any other purchaser, framed and you'll be able to adorn the walls of which ever space you choose with my photos. The deposit covers my costs of printing and framing, then there will be an ongoing fee to keep the prints. After a minimum period of three months, any or all pieces can be exchanged . The selection of images for this program will me limited to this program only, as to not devalue anyone else investments in my other printed works, I will be focusing on adding new pieces at least fortnightly to ensure there is a good varied selection of images to choose from. 
Framed Print Leasing  6 or 12 month leases
          1 single print A2  $35 per month  A3  $18 per month  A4 $15 per month
6 prints A2 $190 per month A3 $150 per month  A4 $70 per month 
30% Refundable* Deposit applies for all print subscriptions

Images to follow in  February 2018 
* reliant on condition of returned/exchanged print 
Thank you!
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